Author: Joshua

  • Enabling IPv6 on OpenLiteSpeed

    With the re-relaunch of this personal website, I thought I would try something different and use the OpenLiteSpeed web server instead of NGINX or Apache. Getting started was easy as my host, DigitalOcean already had a WordPress golden image, that is based on Ubuntu 22.04, available with it. However, IPv6 was enabled by default on […]

  • Intro To Golang Presentation

    On September, 17, 2019, I gave a very brief presentation during a tech meetup at Geekdom in San Antonio, TX, titled “A Very Brief Intro to Golang”. It covered the basics of the Go programming language and should be enough to help someone get started programming with it. Attached are the slides from the presentation.

  • Intro to K8S Helm Presentation

    On Thursday, June 13, I gave a brief introduction to Kubernetes Helm presentation at Rackspace‘s San Antonio HQ as part of the monthly Kubernetes San Antonio meetup. At the end I gave a quick demonstration on creating a simple Helm chart that went ok, minis a few technical difficulties. Considering this was the first presentation […]

  • Software Usability Abstract

    There are a few useful notes on software usability / Human Computer Interaction (HCI), written on hallway the whiteboards in the Century Link St. Louis office that I feel provide a good summary of the topic. These reminded me of the HCI class I took with Bill White. Elements of User Centered Design Usability: The […]

  • Deploying WordPress with Terraform

    Terraform is an open source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool developed by HashiCorp and it supports most major public cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DigtialOcean, and so on. What makes Infrastructure as Code special? It enables you to automatically deploy and manage the infrastructure needed to run technology stacks, such as WordPress, […]

  • IP Packet Header Drawings

    Matt Baxter created very descriptive IP packet header drawings in 2008. Unfortunately, his website, which was where he posted them, has been inaccessible for a long time. I was able to recover these copies of the original PDF files up using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine I uploaded the PDF versions of the drawings here […]

  • Integration Testing Ansible Playbooks with Travis CI and Docker

    The process behind performing integration tests on Ansible playbooks is almost exactly the same as the one used to test individual roles. In fact, this tutorial is based on a modified version of Continuous Testing of Ansible Roles with Docker and Travis CI by Ignacio Sánchez Ginés. This tutorial is a demonstration of how I […]

  • Regular Expressions and In-Place Slice Manipulation in Go

    Regular expressions are very useful for parsing strings. If you need to replace a substring or split up an array, you should consider using regular expressions. I will admit that I am not an expert in regards to using them, however, I will not dismiss their usefulness. You may find the Regex Cheat Sheet […]

  • Traversing Directories Recursively and Sorting Objects by Attribute Value in Go

    Lets say you would like to sort all the files in a directory, as well as its sub directories by an attribute like file size. Approach: First, you need to recursively traverse or walk the specified directory, which is easy in Golang with the filepath.Walk() function from the path/filepath package. In order to use filepath.Walk() […]

  • Installing Infinoted on Debian and Ubuntu

    Note: This is an old post from 2016, that was recovered from the database of my old website. Overview: Gobby is a cross-platform collaborative text editor that enables Google Docs style editing. Unlike Etherpad, Gobby is more focused toward editing code with its support for syntax highlighting as demonstrated below. I have used this program […]