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  • Redis Caching WordPresss on CentOS 7

    Caching WordPress with Nginx and Redis is quite simple if you are using Ubuntu, as you can just follow this tutorial, but what if you want to use CentOS, or even better, want to automate the setup using Ansible? First of all, you will need to install the EPEL and REMI repositories and of course, […]

  • Using Golang to Generate Custom Cover Letters

    Writing a cover letter for every application is quite cumbersome. So why not automate the process? That is why I wrote a simple Go application to help with the process. The logic is quite simple as all you have to do is fill out a templated Latex .tex file and then compile it. If you […]

  • Brute Force Login Attacks

    This simple site as well as others like it, attract more attacks than actual visitors. Just last night this site had a very friendly visitor from the Ukraine that tried to brute force the login page to the admin dashboard. See update: What surprised me was the fact that CloudFlare did not detect this attach […]

  • Taking Care of Fellow Team Members

    Throughout my educational career, I have gone above and beyond to provide my team members with the best resources I could acquire. I have done so to make group projects quite enjoyable. One thing  I provided to multiple groups I have worked with was a Gobby / Infinoted server to enable Google Docs like pair […]

  • Affordable Public Openstack Cloud Providers

    While reading through the Chris Parin’s outstanding course notes, I came across a list of public OpenStack cloud providers. While going through the list, I noticed two of them that accepted USD and were quite affordable compared to RackSpace. You have to consider the fact that you get what you pay for, however, if you are […]

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