Note for government positions: I am a US Citizen who is registered with Selective Services.

Education and Extracurricular Activities

2018: B.S, Computer Science with Math Minor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
  • Co-founder – SIUE Distributed Computing Club
  • Computer Association of SIUE (CAOS)
  • HS, CyberPatriot cybersecurity program

Work Experience

Oct 2018-Apr 2019: DevOps Full Stack Engineer, CenturyLink through Apex Systems, St. Louis, MO, Contract.
Contributed to the development of the CenturyLink cloud platform
  • Role: DevOps Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Actions:
    • Contributed to the development of the monitoring component of the Cloud Application Manager – Managed Services Anywhere project
    • Engaged in all aspects of the development life cycle from design to coding, testing and deployment, to production support
    • Recommended practices to protect API tokens and prevent accidental modification of production services
    • Contributed in agile planning and design sessions
    • Performed thorough code reviews and provided feedback for improvement
    • Evaluated and recommended technologies that were incorporated into the product and development stacks
    • Mentored and helped new team members
  • Impact: Developed a Sensu based cloud monitoring appliance for deployment in a customer’s private network
  • Technologies used: Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Ansible, Packer, Terraform, PostgresSQL, OpenResty, Jenkins, CentOS,
    Ubuntu, AWS, GitHub, Ruby, Python, and Node.JS
2016–2017: IT, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Part Time.
Demonstrated expertise and professionalism when assisting students, faculty, and staff by finding solutions to unique problems
  • Role: Student IT employee
  • Actions:
    • Responsible for effective and rapid resolution of Help Desk Tickets
    • Troubleshot/resolved software and hardware related tracked concerns within established time-frames
    • Worked with minimal to no supervision in resolution of open ticket action items
  • Impact: Faculty members provided accolades to senior supervisory personnel regarding my demonstrated expertise and
  • Faculty Accolade:
Summer 2015: Intern Research Assistant and Software Developer, NSF and Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO, National Science Foundation Secure Cloud Computing Research Experience Undergraduate.
Studied cloud computing approaches, platforms and trends in depth
  • Note: One of ten selected from a national pool of applicants
  • Role: Research Assistant and Software Developer
  • Actions:
    • Researched, developed and implemented ways to securely store and process private information on public cloud platforms
    • Devised a ranking system to prioritize Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) based on certifications and other implemented security features
    • Trained group members how to use Git
  • Impact: Provided enhanced understanding of various cloud computing platforms, the three service models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), and approaches to utilizing public cloud platforms in a secure manner
  • Presentation:
  • Poster:

Personal Projects

September 2018:
Developed a Golang REST API to interface with GitHub’s API
  • Returns a nested list of followers for a specified user in JSON
  • Returns a nested list of a users repositories and stargazers for each repository in JSON
  • Packaged in an easy to build and deploy Docker container
  • Reads in a GitHub API token as an environment variable
  • Deployed the container on a publicly accessible cloud server
  • Repository:
  • Demo:
Summer 2018 – Present: CLI Golang Application Tracker and Cover Letter Utility.
Developed a CLI Golang Application Tracker and Cover Letter Generator
  • Builds custom cover letters using a LaTeX template
  • Utilizes Travis CI and for integration testing
  • Uploads CV to a public Google Cloud Storage bucket
  • Utilizes SMTP to send cover letters and resumes via Email
  • Wrote Dockerfile and Docker Compose file to deploy the external API
  • Logs applications to an external MongoDB database as well as a local CSV file
  • Repository:
Fall 2017 – Present: Automated Website Deployment.
Built an Ansible Playbook and a Terraform script to automatically deploy a WordPress website to DigitalOcean and configure DNS records on CloudFlare
  • IPv6 only behind CloudFlare
  • Redis caching
  • Utilized Travis CI and Docker for integration testing of Ansible Roles
  • Incorporated Ansible Vault to protect sensitive variables
  • Developed a Vagrantfile that utilized custom build Vagrant box for local testing and debugging
  • Wrote bash scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Repository:
Spring 2018 – Present: CentOS 7 Vagrant Box.
Built a custom CentOS 7 Vagrant box using Packer
Spring 2018 – Present: Ansible, Terraform, and OpenStack CLI Docker Container.
Built a custom Docker container with Ansible, Terraform, and OpenStack CLI
January 2018: Python Git Hook and Integration Testing Project.
Wrote a simple python program that demonstrates GIT hooks and automated integration testing
  • Utilized Travis CI for integration testing
  • Wrote a separate script to run integration tests and print a report
  • Repository:
Summer 2014: TCP IP Web Utility Website.
Developed PHP website that provided TCP IP utilities such as user IP and user agent ping, traceroute, port scan, and nslookup

Academic Projects

2017: DevOps, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Group Senior Capstone Assignment.
Developed a toolkit to assist students gain an understanding of the tools and processes used in a Unix DevOps environment
  • Note: Client was an employee of AT&T
  • Role: Linux Expert
  • Actions:
    • Wrote a Vagrantfile and an Ansible Playbook to provision a virtual development environment
    • Wrote Dockerfiles to provision Ubuntu Linux containers for Java, Python and C++ Socket programming
    • Wrote Travis CI test cases for CI testing
    • Wrote bash and PowerShell scripts to install Git, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Ansible
  • Impact: Helped create a fully functional end product that met all of the client’s expectations
  • Repository:
Spring 2017: Mock Email Client and Server, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Individual Computer Networking Project.
Built a mock Email client and server in C++
  • Utilized TCP, UDP, logging, authentication and external HTTP API calls via CURL
  • Incorporated SMTP and HTTP status codes and request commands
  • Created a PHP based HTTP API to assist with encoding and decoding passwords
  • Repository:
Fall 2016: LA Crime Database, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Group Database Project.
Built an advanced MariaDB database using crime data published by the city of Los Angeles, California
Fall 2016: CS AP Test Study Web App, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Group Human Computer Interaction Project.
Designed a PHP web application to aid students in studying for the Computer Science AP test
  • Roles: Git Expert, Linux Server Expert, and Web Developer
  • Actions:
    • Recommended web services such as Github and Office 365 to assist with collaboration
    • Set up an Infinoted server hosted on an AWS cloud server to enable pair programming
    • Created a PHP web application hosted on an OVH cloud server
    • Thoroughly documented design and planning after performing requirement analysis
    • Performed usability testing
    • Created Flow, Cultural, Sequence, Artifact, Physical, and Affinity Diagram work models
    • Created Low and High Fidelity prototypes
    • Presented the project to the class at the end of the semester
    • Helped a group member resolve technical problems that made impeded him from accomplishing tasks
  • Presentation:
Fall 2015: Animal Rescue App, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Group Software Engineering Project.
Built a C# desktop application to keep track of inventory at an Animal rescue organization
  • Roles: Git Expert, Linux Server Expert
  • Actions:
    • Recommended web services such as Office 365 to assist with collaboration
    • Thoroughly documented design and planning after performing requirement analysis
    • Created design diagrams such as use cases, UML, DCD, Sequence, and ER
    • Presented the project to the class at the end of the semester
  • Presentation:
Spring 2015: File Deduplication, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL, Group Research Project.
Research project involving file deduplication
  • Role: Research Assistant, Linux Expert, and Developer
  • Actions:
    • Translated a Java library to C
    • Encouraged group to use good code documentation practices
    • Set up an Infinoted server hosted on a DigitalOcean cloud server to enable pair programming
  • Impact: Helped create a functional product that met the professor’s expectations